Options of Linn County


Options of Linn CountyWe see Options as a partner in our business. Options makes it easy to use them for our projects. They provide quotes, pick up our material, perform the work, do the quality checks and return the completed projects to us on time and on budget. We are always looking for ways to utilize their wonderful service.Options of Linn County

Dan Rogers
CEO, The AdTrack Corporation
Options of Linn CountyOptions of Linn County is one of the most responsive and professional organizations that we work with. Their commitment to quality, follow through on promises and personal service have truly made them one of our favorite partners.Options of Linn County

Eric Van Kerckhove
Sales Manager, Allegra Print & Imaging
Options of Linn CountyRaining Rose has had the opportunity to work with Options for the last five years and they continue to be a key partner with our company. We have many different types of projects that require quick turn around times and flexibility. Without having the ability to utilize the folks at Options we would have had to pass on many of these projects because we just do not have the staff to handle them. Options provides amazingly quick and quality service that allows us to respond in ways we could not if we had to rely on just our own organization. Without doubt, our relationship with Options has been a key component of our ability to grow. Their staff is professional, responsive and have incredibly positive attitudes. It is a pleasure and honor to work with them.Options of Linn County

Chuck Hammond
President/CEO, Raining Rose, Inc.
Options of Linn CountyMount Mercy is privileged and proud to know that the Options organization and its people are part of our College community and workforce. Our mission's goals include service to the common good and helping sustain purposeful living. Our friends and colleagues from Options help us do that every day. The Options program and its people are an incredible asset to Mount Mercy and the community as a whole. The students and employees of Mount Mercy benefit greatly because of their relationship with Options. Mount Mercy will continue to be a stronger and better place because Options is with us and helping us meet our educational mission.Options of Linn County

Christopher Blake, Ph.D.
President, Mount Mercy College
Options of Linn CountyOptions has been working with Pharmacy Care for the entire nine years I have worked here and has always been a help to us and an important part of this community. Their caring and commitment to the people they work with is refreshing in this fast-paced world. We hope to work with them for years to come.Options of Linn County

Curt Gerhold
Director of Operations, Pharmacy Care Associates